The Ultimate Championship Role-Player Mixtape: Evidence that Stars make contenders but role-players win (or lose) championships


Fact! We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again! His­tor­i­cally ver­i­fi­able with video evi­dence. Play­ers who may never oth­er­wise be remem­bered, get a chance at immor­tal­ity (and/or infamy!). Not every year has been cov­ered, only the moments we felt were rel­e­vant to the case, and obvi­ously the most mem­o­rable have been featured.



John Paxon | NBA Finals, Game 6



Sam Cas­sell | NBA Finals, Game 3


John Starks | NBA Finals, Game 7

2–18, 0–11 from three, the Hous­ton Rock­ets’ game 7 MVP.



Nick Ander­son | NBA Finals, Game 1

Anderson’s mon­u­men­tal choke job swung the Finals. It sud­denly pulled the rug out from under a young Magic team’s dream run to the title and they never man­aged to recover. Had he made even one of these, we could have had a dif­fer­ent champion.



Steve Kerr | NBA Finals, Game 6

…bail­ing Michael out again’



Bryon Rus­sell | NBA Finals, Game 6

It’s never wise to anoint your­self the ‘Jor­dan Stopper’.



Avery John­son | NBA Finals, Game 5

The ‘Lit­tle Gen­eral’ comes through on the Big Stage…



Robery Horry | The Actual NBA Finals, Game 4

As a die hard early 2000′s Kings fan, I’ve never hated any shot more than this. THIS SHOT cost them the title (even more than the refs in game 6 did)



Robery Horry (again!) | NBA Finals, Game 5

Big Shot Rob’s 4th quar­ter and over­time is the only rea­son the Pis­tons didn’t repeat in 2005.



Leon Powe (who?) | NBA Finals, Game 2

What a time for Powe to play the game of his life…



Derek Fisher | NBA Finals, Game 4

Old Man Fish does it twice…



The Player For­merly Known As Ron Artest | NBA Finals, Game 7

In a game where Kobe couldn’t buy a bucket, it was Ron Ron who car­ried them to their repeat title.



Jason Terry | NBA Finals, Game 5

With the chance to put the mighty Heat down 3–2, Jet hit the shot of his life, with Lebron right in his face… ‘Hand down, man down!’



Mike Miller | NBA Finals, Game 5

The Heat man­aged to piece the ‘Walk­ing Injured-List’ Mike Miller back together again to help clinch their first title of the big 3 era.



Jesus Shut­tlesworth  | NBA Finals, Game 6

‘Get those motherf*kin’ ropes out of here!’THE great­est shot in NBA history…

Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.