The Real 2002 NBA Champions: Grantland gives the Kings their Due

chris webber

Zach Lowe & the Gran­land net­work recently exam­ined the legacy of Chris Web­ber and his Kings teams in depth. I swore by those teams, and in all the objec­tive analy­sis, the very real belief among many insid­ers, ana­lysts and fans still remains – the real NBA camps of 2002 were the Sacra­mento Kings.

Here’s the whole thing, in two related parts…

The Chris Web­ber Hall of Fame Case


The C-Webb Rab­bit Hole: 17 Stray Thoughts from the Chris Web­ber Era


Damn, those Kings were cool. And they prob­a­bly should have been cham­pi­ons. - Zach Lowe

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