40 & 21 @ 21: Anthony Davis puts up some serious numbers!

We called it early: the Brow was already claim­ing his place among the league’s super­stars. Already ahead of the curve, at the age of just 21, its baf­fling to try and imag­ine how much bet­ter he can still get! Fol­low­ing a recent string of mon­ster games, the 40–20 clas­sic against the Celtics (2nd youngest to ever do it) may have given us a tiny glimpse into the future: & it’s pretty scary!


Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.