Rookie Showdown: Round 1

Unsuspectingly, games that would have gone unwatched and definitely unremembered, defiantly stake their claim on the collective basketball watching consciousness. The Magic-Sixers game on the 3rd of December 2013 was one such game. There was no drama going into the matchup. No hype. No rivalry. No story-line. And when it was over, 2 overtimes later, we were left with the first rookie head to head battle of the season. Michael Carter Williams and Victor Oladipo went head to head, toe to toe & triple double to triple double (first time two rookies have ever had triple doubles in the same game). The Sixers managed to get the W, Afflalo continued his out-of-nowhere jump into semi-stardom and dropped 43, but eventually it was the first significant rookie showdown of the season, & hopefully a the beginning of a matchup we’ll look forward to for years to come.

Here are the overall game highlights:

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