Posting & Toasting: Big Al dominates the Knicks

Every­thing seemed to be com­ing together for the Knicks. They’d won five in a row, includ­ing a sig­na­ture win against the Heat. They came into Char­lotte with Tyson Chan­dler mak­ing his return in the mid­dle. The W was con­sid­ered a given but Jef­fer­son had other plans.

Brought in to give the Bob­cats a scor­ing pres­ence in the post, he’d strug­gled and under­whelmed a bit so far this sea­son. Partly due to a lin­ger­ing ankle problem.

So he switched it up. Real­iz­ing that jump­ing of two feet would give him more of the lift he needed, he went to work. A sea­son high 35 points, abus­ing any defender the Knicks threw at him with pump fakes, half hooks, moves and counter moves. It was a clinic. And one we should spe­cially appre­ci­ate because skilled post up big men are a rare breed in today’s league of breed of face-up, roll-to-the-rim bigs.

It felt like a player from the 1980′s had been mys­te­ri­ously tele­ported into the future to school these new cats on what play­ing down low is all about. It felt like a movie, one that Bob­cats fans had been wait­ing for eagerly all sea­son long.


Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.