Old Man (got) Game: Tim Duncan still doing Tim Duncan things

Tim Dun­can, had had enough. All through Novem­ber, the Spurs kept win­ning at an elite pace, but the crit­ics kept say­ing Dun­can was look­ing old. Washed up. The same noise he’d heard year after year. Peo­ple always find some­thing to talk about. So against Altanta, he thought he’d give them some­thing new: The old­est player (37) to drop a 20–20 game! And if that wasn’t enough, he curled of a screen like a guard and hit a mid-range jumper to win the game… just for good mea­sure. He even aban­doned his usu­ally stoic dis­po­si­tion and got his screw­face on!

Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.