Ol’ School Al: A highlight reel & tweetcap of Al Jefferson’s emergence as the most dominant offensive center in the NBA


Face it, Al Jef­fer­son is a man out of time.

Per­pet­u­ally under­rated & under-appreciated, he plays an old man game { back to the bas­ket, ground bound, pump fake, shake-shimmy-hook } in an era of spring-powered cen­ters whose offen­sive arse­nal reads D-U-N-K (I see you Tyson & DeAn­dre). He’s un-guardable because oppos­ing defenses may not have seen such series of moves and coun­ters in over 20 years. He seems to have been sent to the present by a com­mit­tee of clas­sic cen­ters led by Hakeem & McHale to revive the posi­tion in one of its dark­est eras.

He started off slow on a bum ankle but he shook off the early sea­son injury rust & finally broke out against the hap­less Knicks (as part of their ingame rit­ual of sur­ren­der­ing career games to oppos­ing play­ers.) And he’s been on a tear ever since…


35 & 11 against the Nuggets


40 & 18 against the Lakers. 


30 & 13 in a win against the Warriors


30 & 8 against the Mavs


32, 12 & 7 against the over­sized Detroit front line

33 & 10 against the Brow & the Pelicans


Even on the night Lebron scored 61, Big Al qui­etly went about with a work­man like 38 & 19

& he fol­lowed that up with an emphatic win against the mighty Pac­ers drop­ping 34 points on elite defen­sive big, Roy Hibbert.

This game left no room for debate. The coaches may have snubbed him for an All Star berth but Al Jef­fer­son has estab­lished him­self as THE BEST offen­sive cen­ter in the league. He may not make the nightly high­light reels, but it’s time we finally took notice and gave the man his due.



Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.