Lucky Number Seven

Knicks Sad

As the Knicks travelled to LA with the sole objective of extending their magnificent losing streak to 7 games, a Knicks observer (Not a fan – being a Knicks fan is an exercise in extreme masochism and I just can’t do it anymore), took some game notes & makes some observations:


“When the shots are falling, they’ve looked good” – Early first quarter & The ball is moving better finally. But they haven’t been able to sustain it for long enough stretches for it to translate into a W.
Is there a better team to play than the Clippers when you’re struggling offensively. They may outscore you but their D will let you get yours easy and often (unless you’re as offensively challenged as Chicago ). They even made Memphis look like an offensive juggernaut.

“Amare stoudemire about to come in – remember him” – Honestly i wish i didn’t!

Carmelo’s rebounding game, in absence of Chandler, has been impressive. Wish we could say the same for his D though.

The Knicks have run the Bargnani sprint and pin down a few times for some easy points. Nice unexpected addition to their playbook.

Jamison has looked like a point per minute man so far – or maybe that’s just the Knicks D doing most of the work for him. Antawn’s a Good pickup by the Clips but does this team really need more offense?

The Knicks starters have looked really good coming into the 2nd to cut the double digit lead and tie it. Including their D. Clips scoreless since 8:13 to 3:28. Felton has been crisp with his decision making for the first time this season.

“They do not look like a team that’s lost 6 in a row”

Amare in at 3:35 -terrible move by Woody, specially when when the Kicks were on a good defense-leading-to-offense run? Amare comes in and suddenly the offense stalls, DeAndre gets a dunk put back. Coincidence? I think not!

” Chris Paul. He looks mad”

CP3 comes in angry and right’s the ship – only a few players in the league have a better sense of the ebbs & flows of momentum in a game, and of how to not only navigate them, but to impose their will on them.

Felton’s shot looks broken still but does a good job drawing the 3rd foul on Blake on the charge. This is the best he’s looked all year, and he’s still not fully healthy.

Another stellar defensive sequence courtesy Amar’e: Switches lazily on a pick and roll into a mismatch with CP3, fouls him on the shot  - & 1. This after he picks up a foul on the previous rebound. Opposing teams should pay Woodson to play him more.

In surprising contrast, Bargnani blocks cp3 clean on the switch. It seems he’s a much better fit at the 4 for this team than Stoudemire. Even on D. That’s just really unfortunate for NY.

DeAndre misses a lay in at the rim proving he has NO shot in his repertoire other than the dunk – not even a lay in…

Felton’s hit 3 in a row – Knicks cut it to 1, and on cue, in comes Amar’e! (Why Woody, Why!!!???) & on cue he switches then retreats on a Chris Paul pick and roll… Clips score. Go Knicks!

The Knicks then go to Amar’e 3 possessions in a row: jump shot score, 3 seconds, travel. Those 2 points are just not worth it…

“Jr smith is a noted poor shot taker” Remember, This is supposed to be your no. 2 option of offense…

Prigioni’s inbounds pressure after made buckets is a thing to watch. So crafty at 35.

You just cannot run pick & rolls with Amar’e anymore. The Clippers blitz the ball handler as they’re not worried at all about him. Two straight turnovers…

Bargs blocks Blake. IT HAPPENED. First Dwight. Now Blake. Who is this man?

What better way to finish the game for the Knicks than with a J.R. Smith airball. In fact that is the most fitting metaphor for Their season so far…

The Knicks manage to extend their Losing streak to 7, with Stoudemire leading the way. He finished the game with a +/- of -29. MINUS TWETY NINE!!! GLORIOUS! Is there any player in the league I’d have Amar’e instead of right now? I’d rather even play Austin Rivers (umm…maybe…)

Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.