Lucky Number Seven: Game notes from another Knicks loss

Knicks Sad

As the Knicks trav­elled to LA with the sole objec­tive of extend­ing their mag­nif­i­cent los­ing streak to 7 games, a Knicks observer (Not a fan – being a Knicks fan is an exer­cise in extreme masochism and I just can’t do it any­more), took some game notes & made some observations:


“When the shots are falling, they’ve looked good” – Early first quar­ter & The ball is mov­ing bet­ter finally. But they haven’t been able to sus­tain it for long enough stretches for it to trans­late into a W.
Is there a bet­ter team to play than the Clip­pers when you’re strug­gling offen­sively. They may outscore you but their D will let you get yours easy and often (unless you’re as offen­sively chal­lenged as Chicago ). They even made Mem­phis look like an offen­sive juggernaut.

“Amare stoudemire about to come in – remem­ber him” – Hon­estly i wish i didn’t!

Carmelo’s rebound­ing game, in absence of Chan­dler, has been impres­sive. Wish we could say the same for his D though.

The Knicks have run the Bargnani sprint and pin down a few times for some easy points. Nice unex­pected addi­tion to their playbook.

Jami­son has looked like a point per minute man so far – or maybe that’s just the Knicks D doing most of the work for him. Antawn’s a Good pickup by the Clips but does this team really need more offense?

The Knicks starters have looked really good com­ing into the 2nd to cut the dou­ble digit lead and tie it. Includ­ing their D. Clips score­less since 8:13 to 3:28. Fel­ton has been crisp with his deci­sion mak­ing for the first time this season.

“They do not look like a team that’s lost 6 in a row”

Amare in at 3:35 –ter­ri­ble move by Woody, spe­cially when when the Kicks were on a good defense-leading-to-offense run? Amare comes in and sud­denly the offense stalls, DeAn­dre gets a dunk put back. Coin­ci­dence? I think not!

” Chris Paul. He looks mad”

CP3 comes in angry and right’s the ship – only a few play­ers in the league have a bet­ter sense of the ebbs & flows of momen­tum in a game, and of how to not only nav­i­gate them, but to impose their will on them.

Felton’s shot looks bro­ken still but does a good job draw­ing the 3rd foul on Blake on the charge. This is the best he’s looked all year, and he’s still not fully healthy.

Another stel­lar defen­sive sequence cour­tesy Amar’e: Switches lazily on a pick and roll into a mis­match with CP3, fouls him on the shot  - & 1. This after he picks up a foul on the pre­vi­ous rebound. Oppos­ing teams should pay Wood­son to play him more.

In sur­pris­ing con­trast, Bargnani blocks cp3 clean on the switch. It seems he’s a much bet­ter fit at the 4 for this team than Stoudemire. Even on D. That’s just really unfor­tu­nate for NY.

DeAn­dre misses a lay in at the rim prov­ing he has NO shot in his reper­toire other than the dunk – not even a lay in…

Felton’s hit 3 in a row – Knicks cut it to 1, and on cue, in comes Amar’e! (Why Woody, Why!!!???) & on cue he switches then retreats on a Chris Paul pick and roll… Clips score. Go Knicks!

The Knicks then go to Amar’e 3 pos­ses­sions in a row: jump shot score, 3 sec­onds, travel. Those 2 points are just not worth it…

“Jr smith is a noted poor shot taker” Remem­ber, This is sup­posed to be your no. 2 option of offense…

Prigioni’s inbounds pres­sure after made buck­ets is a thing to watch. So crafty at 35.

You just can­not run pick & rolls with Amar’e any­more. The Clip­pers blitz the ball han­dler as they’re not wor­ried at all about him. Two straight turnovers…

Bargs blocks Blake. IT HAPPENED. First Dwight. Now Blake. Who is this man?

What bet­ter way to fin­ish the game for the Knicks than with a J.R. Smith air­ball. In fact that is the most fit­ting metaphor for Their sea­son so far…

The Knicks man­age to extend their Los­ing streak to 7, with Stoudemire lead­ing the way. He fin­ished the game with a +/- of –29. MINUS TWETY NINE!!! GLORIOUS! Is there any player in the league I’d have Amar’e instead of right now? I’d rather even play Austin Rivers (umm…maybe…)

Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.