Instant Classic Redux

Westbrook game winner

As this rematch of the Thunder & the Warriors came down to a final possession in overtime with a few seconds left, i  remembered Iggy’s game winner at the buzzer and thought – there’s no way it can happen again… AND THEN IT DID. DIfferently but still the same. A dramatic, impossible shot to end what had been a thrill-a-minute game between two of the most watchable teams this season.

The final sequence was a series of reactive thoughts in quick succession – the missed shot… oh that’s game… wait… they’re trying to save it… he saves it… can they?… Russell has it… but he’s swarmed… won’t be able to shoot… wait… he’s shooting… no way… no… way… NO WAY!!! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! AGAIN!

It was more than crazy just watching… but imagine being there:

These teams WILL meet in the playoffs, and when they do, the league should just intervene and extend the series to a best of 15… and even that may not be enough…

Other quick reactions from the game:

Ibaka’s development offensively has been huge and i don’t think it would have happened if Harden had stayed. He was huge for them down the stretch with Durant trusting him for many big baskets down the stretch.

He was huge on D too. Not just blocking shots – that he always did – but as a team defender affecting the other teams offensive possessions. Big step up. He could be elite very soon.

Durant’s really learning to help his team when he’s struggling offensively and has really added to his rebounding and passing game. Specially passing. This too could be credited to Harden’s departure. It was a big loss for the team, but the growth his absence catalyzed in OKS key stars has softened the blow significantly.

Harrison Barnes was huge, playing like he did in the San Antonio series, and even seemed like their go to guy late down the stretch. For a team with so many weapons, that’s really saying something. And it’s just his second year in the league. This team has a lot of potential to be in the conversation in the west for many years to come. Unlike the monstrous assemblages of the new east teams, the pieces here make so much sense together – team building at its best.

Steph is the best off the dribble shooter ever. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.

The Thunder bench is really looking legit. Now all they need to do is flip Perkins for someone who plays basketball and they could make a lot of noise this postseason.

And finally – WESTBROOK! He has no conscience! In all fairness he hit gamewinners for them in both the games. & this time it counted.