CP3 vs Steph-for-3: Chirs Paul & Steph Curry go head-to-head


Just two games last night so night so I’ll keep this brief.

Bulls – Knicks 

Wow that was an ugly game. Like really ugly!  Except for


This was obvi­ously the best part… but it looks even more impres­sive frozen in a photo than in the replays. The two defend­ers, the exten­sion… splash… game… well actu­ally just one point lead but even­tu­ally – game…

Looks like Tyson Chan­dler finally real­ized he needed some offen­sive skills. Its great to see him fac­ing up and tak­ing a jumper in these first two games. It would add a lot to his game if he can do this con­sis­tently. Odd though that it took him 12 years in the league to real­ize this.

Carmelo hasn’t looked any­thing like last sea­son. Nei­ther have the Knicks.

They still stayed in this game some­how and didn’t get bul­lied by Chicago like they did all of last year, but as Kerr men­tioned in the broad­cast, they still don’t seem to have an iden­tity in place.


And now the fea­ture presentation 

War­riors – Clippers

Chris Paul and Steph Curry basi­cally played a game of one on one at the end and it was Awesome.

Clip­pers one this one but these teams will see each other again 3 more times. And then pos­si­bly the Play­offs. CAN NOT WAIT.

Chris con­trolled the game the way only he can, pick­ing his spots to the tune of a cool 42 & 15 and 6 thefts. And brought his team­mates along for the ride.



Steph mean­while spent the entire game in heatcheck mode. I don’t think there has been a bet­ter off-the-dribble shooter EVER. Hon­estly for him its really a 3 point layup.

This is a great break­down of his shot. Shoot­ers take note.



The game wasn’t all that close though. Next time hope­fully. But its clear that both these teams will give us must-watch bas­ket­ball all season.

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