Cap’n Crunch: What Stephen Jackson could do for the Clippers

stephen jackson

What’s not to love about Cap­tain Jack?

He holds no punches, minces no words, and to quote the man him­self ‘makes love to pres­sure’. For a team whose crunch time lineup con­sists of Chris Paul, Jamal Craw­ford… and Chris Paul, a proven big game ‘role’ player is much needed. Some­one to stand up to oppos­ing play­ers when Blake feels he’s being bul­lied too much. Some­one to slap some sense into DeAn­dre after he makes another bone­headed goal­tend or air­balls another freethrow. Some­one who can will swing the out­come of at least one sig­nif­i­cant play­off game come May.

Stephen Jack­son was never meant to be a star. He was meant to be the ulti­mate wild card. Even in his sec­ond year, he helped a vet­eran Spurs team turn a few games on the way to the 2003 title, includ­ing play­ing a vital 4th quar­ter role in the clinch­ing game.


He helped lead a War­riors team to arguably the biggest upset in play­off his­tory when they knocked off the 67 win Mavs in six games. Jack­son in game 6: 33 points (7 three pointers).


Even in 2011, in the even­tual Con­fer­ence Final elim­i­na­tion game, the Spurs may have fallen, but for no fault of Jackson.


Look­ing at Cham­pi­onship teams and what it takes them to suc­ceed, one thing becomes rather evident:

Stars make con­tenders but role-players win (or lose) championships.

Paxon. Starks. Cas­sel. Nick Ander­son in 95. Kerr. BIG SHOT ROB!. The Player For­merly Known as Ron Artest. Mike Miller. Jesus Shut­tlesworth & the great­est (13-letter exple­tive) shot in NBA history!

Such play­ers need a sys­tem to suc­ceed. But strangely enough, this is the same player that the ulti­mate ‘sys­tem’ team, the Spurs, even­tu­ally waived. They felt they were bet­ter off with­out. As for the Clip­pers, who knows how this finally turns out? This is not ‘the’ cham­pi­onship piece: they still have a lot of issues to address, but it looks like a step in the right direc­tion. And even­tu­ally, we can all agree, the league is a bet­ter place with ‘Mr. Bout­dis­life’ in it!

Dev Kabir Malik has a clinically alarming dependence on basketball and spends most of his time watching, analyzing, writing and even playing a little pickup (and some 2K too). In the little time he has left, he dabbles with design, art & music.