Can’t handle the Truth: Is Paul Pierce in LeBron James’ head?


The other day, with Brook­lyn on their way to send­ing Miami into a rare 2 game skid, it hap­pened. It was the fourth quar­ter, the Heat were down 10 & Lebron fig­ured he needed to start attack­ing before #ler­brondis­ap­per­sagain stated trend­ing for the bil­lionth time. “You can do it” he said to him­self, and attacked the rim. Over the years he had learnt to shut out all his demons. But one of them snuck through.



This just got me think­ing: does Paul Pierce have Lebron James’ num­ber? I’m not sure if over the course of James’ prime, any one player has got­ten the bet­ter of him so con­sis­tently. He’s older, slower, has maybe 1/10th of the ath­letic abil­ity (and that’s being gen­er­ous), but as his­tory and Lebron’s ther­a­pist bear wit­ness, he is def­i­nitely inside his head.

Exhibit A: (ignore the super corny intro)


Exhibit B, C, D & E:


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