Brow Down!: Anthony Davis is making ‘the leap’

Anthony Davis Brow Down

Being the no. 1 pick comes with a ton of bag­gage (see Ben­nett, Anthony). The fans are eager & patience is thin, espe­cially when you’re expected to be ‘a sure thing’. After being the unan­i­mous pro­jected choice for first pick com­ing out of col­lege, & the 12th man on the USA Bas­ket­ball team at the Olympics, last year was a bit of a let­down for Davis. Recur­ring injuries kept him for play­ing up to his poten­tial, while the 6th pick Lil­lard snatched away the Rookie of the Year crown with a smooth NBA ready game from day one.

They say it takes big men longer to develop. Guards are more pol­ished. We’ve seen this before. In 95, a draft fea­tur­ing big men like McDyess, Sheed & Gar­nett, it was Damon Stoudemire who won the ROY, but in all hon­esty didn’t grow much beyond. Some­times there isn’t too far to go from a refined game. Lil­lard is solid. He was all of last year. This sea­son, more of the same. Con­sis­tent, savvy,  big game player. Bor­der­line All Star if the Blaz­ers can win a bit more.

And then there’s Davis & what we’re wit­ness­ing already in this young sea­son. A player mak­ing ‘the leap’. From prospect straight to FRANCHISE PLAYER. There were signs in the pre­sea­son. Some great open­ing games. Video game stat lines. And then the break­out game! 32 –12 & 6 (blocks). &  the youngest to ever do it.



What’s amaz­ing in Davis’ case specif­i­cally, is that there is no tem­plate. We can­not look back at a sim­i­lar player and expect a sim­i­lar career tra­jec­tory, a sim­i­lar ‘ceil­ing’. We can’t make par­al­lels like we can with other play­ers. Shaq & Wilt. Kobe & MJ. Michael Carter Williams & Penny? But recently there are new play­ers who present new evo­lu­tion­ary par­a­digms, alter­ing the game rad­i­cally, doing things that shouldn’t be pos­si­ble. Gar­nett. Dirk. Lebron. Durant. And now the Brow.

His game makes no sense unless you under­stand his his­tory. And even that makes no sense. Sud­denly its pos­si­ble for guards to grow into 7 foot­ers and not lose their shoot­ing touch, court vision & ath­leti­cism AND develop a big man defen­sive game??? HOW?… Ridiculous.

So now as we wit­ness the emer­gence another legit­i­mate, game alter­ing super­star, it begs the ques­tion ‘Who is Anthony Davis?’


There’s only one thing in New Orleans more ter­ri­fy­ing than the Pel­i­cans’ mas­cot, and its name is Anthony Davis.

- Brett Weis­band, for The Post Up via

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