The Benchwarmer Awards are a non-mainstream reinterpretation of standard season end awards. While traditional ballots aim at objectivity by evaluating stats and results, we consider the cultural impact, entertainment value, quality of narrative and various other subjective quirks in crowning our winners. We speak for players who unexpectedly made the season memorable, so we can remember them in years to come.

Old Man Duncan 01

Old Man of the Year: Tim Duncan

The Old Man of the Year Award goes to the player whose age and pro­duc­tion graph are seem­ingly at odds with com­mon logic. This award shall also hence­forth be named the ‘Tim Dun­can Award’. Tim Duncan…

MDP 01

Most Disappointing Player: Lance Stephenson (& why we should have seen this coming)

Dis­ap­point­ment is always rel­a­tive to expec­ta­tion. Expec­ta­tion is a prod­uct of rep­u­ta­tion and oppor­tu­nity. Rep­u­ta­tion often lags behind the actual on-court per­for­mance of a player. A great oppor­tu­nity is some­times the wrong one. And when everything…

comeback player 01

Comeback Player of the Year: Al Horford

This award goes to a player who before this sea­son, or in parts of the sea­son seemed to be ‘done/washed up/finished/a shell of his for­mer self/past his prime’ because of injuries, a career slump or just…